BEAUTIFY YOUR LIFE – mit Kunst und Kunsthandwerk von der Galerie „ART-ICALS“

Change the world begins in your own home. Unique, original and creative works of art not simply beautify the immediate living environment - it also bring motivation, inspiration and new momentum to all areas of life.

Hey there - we are "ART-ICALS" - the gallery & art store from Dresden Neustadt and we love art. Because "art washes the dust of daily life from the soul" (Pablo Picasso). Art promotes health and drives away monotony - yes, it enlivens the gray of everyday life with bright colors and invites you to linger, reflect and dream. That's why we think that art can be a part of everyday life and everyone should bring works of art into their homes.

Do you already know this?

All of our creative products are made locally and sustainably. Paintings, murals and sculptures, home decor and print work, as well as jewelry and designer pieces - we have a variety of exclusive gadgets - because we love art.

Our focus is on the artwork and less on the name of the artist. High-quality artworks by renowned artists are available as well as commercial art and creative works by up-and-coming artists - because we simply love art.